Re: [Hatching Feast] Talking Shop and Good Food atten: Valder/Insera

Amy Frazey

Valder nodded and grinned. He was always up for talking about the work that had become his calling in life. But he was also noticing just how good Insera looked in her finery, and wished he had fancied himself up a bit more. He was used to working so much, and didn't think he'd ever seen Insera in anything but uniforms and work clothes before.

And yet, the lure of getting her in on his grand idea was prodding at him. He leaned across the table, closer to Insera, and spoke intently, "I'd really like to get permission to start training Sig to herd the heavies. I thought first about training a wher to guard woolies, but the silly critters'd be to scared. So I thought maybe the cart oxen would be more tolerant. Do you think it could work?"

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