Re: Is it ok to be happy and sad and mad? {Fellan, E'lis}


"Thank you, Sharp," said E'lis to the firelizard with a stroke and a scritch. "Luna, would you please tell Fellan that I'd love to see him?"

((Hello, little one,)) Lunakath greeted Fellan. ((E'lis would love to meet you as soon as you are able. Where should he go to find you?))


The 12 turn old couldn't help the continued spiral of his thoughts and
after an unknown amount of time sitting on his cot running an oil
cloth over sharp he made the decision. He carefully move the still
growing gold off his lap and grabbed some hide. He had a free day and
he needed to talk and he knew who would be perfect. He wrote out a
quick note before attaching it to Sharp and sending the gold off to
E'lis with his note hoping his PapaE'lis had time it was simple and

~~Papa do you have some free time? Can we meet up if you do?~~  

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