Is it ok to be happy and sad and mad? {Fellan, E'lis}


It had been a couple of sevendays since the hatching and Fellan could
still easily say that the whole thing was still not as happy as it
should be. He remember the last time there had been an earth shake
with eggs and had heard of the one before and it was hard. But that
wasn't the only reason. He was really sad about the little dragons
that didn't hatch yes, it was why he had been glad to be able to help
with the uniforms for them cause he got to see them up close, sortta,
and make sure they were ok.

At the same time though he couldn't help but to be sad too. Yes sad
for the lost dragons, but also sad that this was yet another hatching
where he hadn't been able to be involved especially after Razelth
ended up pulling people from the crowds and one dragon even came to
the stands. Was it wrong of him to be sad and maybe even a bit mad
that he couldn't be out there?

He /knew/ he wasn't broken, but he couldn't help at times like this
still thinking that maybe he was. It was his problems, his bring
broken, that put him into this situation after all. He couldn't he a
candidate because he couldn't hear or speak. Sure he could try to
speak, he knew he could, but what was the point? He didn't know what
words were supposed to sound like out loud. He knew the words sure
they were in his head from talking to dragons and whers, but out loud?
He couldn't even pretend he knew what they were supposed to sound like
from his mouth even if he did know the shape of his mouth from
learning to read lips.

The 12 turn old couldn't help the continued spiral of his thoughts and
after an unknown amount of time sitting on his cot running an oil
cloth over sharp he made the decision. He carefully move the still
growing gold off his lap and grabbed some hide. He had a free day and
he needed to talk and he knew who would be perfect. He wrote out a
quick note before attaching it to Sharp and sending the gold off to
E'lis with his note hoping his PapaE'lis had time it was simple and

~~Papa do you have some free time? Can we meet up if you do?~~


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