Re: [Hatching Feast] I'm So Proud! (K'el, Vofali)


K'el could not have been more pleased by her praise, though he never was quite certain how to respond. It meant a great deal to him, her use of his new title, and it inspired the unbelievably broad smile that stretched across his blocky face. In his mind, there wasn't a snowball's chance on the Red Star that he would ever get used to that! To hear her prediction about where his future might lead made his eyebrows shoot toward the ceiling, a possibility he had clearly not yet even considered if the look on his face was any indication. 

There was perhaps a moment of hesitation where K'el was fearful whether Alberith would object, but the little bronze was as deeply asleep as he could be, and that solidified K'el's choice. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Vofali, scooping the smaller woman up into a tight hug. If she didn't object, the new bronzerider held her there for several long seconds, his eyes squeezed shut against the tears that threatened to spill in turn.

"Thanks," was all he managed, his bass quiet and shaky. 

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 6:14 PM Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:
She had three kids. She'd been a Searchrider for Turns now and had Searched Faranth knew how many candidates and scores of them had Impressed. She'd had talks similar to this before. But never, not once, had anyone told Vofali that they would work to be the best rider they could for her. She was a bit speechless and wouldn't deny teary-eyed at K'el's words. 

"Thank you, Bronzerider," Vofali murmured with a wet little smile. "You're going to do so magnificently- we both say so. I mean, you already have. You're a bronzerider. Maybe one day you'll be Weyrleader."
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