Re: Can we build it? Yes! We! Can! (ATTN: Any)

Jessica Freise

Flare joined the industrious group, not above helping to orchestrate her own nest. After several minutes, the group stood, perched, and fluttered around Flare, who curled comfortably amidst the furs, cloths, and clothes. But there was something mssing: a human audience. She sent a picture of humans admiring their construct to Javensha, before she called her own Nyzara and sent an image.

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Javensha plopped down her fur and proceeded to organize the others in nest building. While she had never done such a thing herself, she did have instinct to go off of and used that to order her minions around. When it seemed like Char would rather bugger off than help, Javensha promptly swooped down to batter him with her wings and chitter angrily at him while using her influence to force him to help. Char gave her a nasty look and hissed but obeyed the compulsion.
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