Re: Changing Loyalties (Diagir/Ziya/Vainglory, V'drare)

Jessica Freise

}} Pet here- No, there! Yes! Good pet! {{

"I think she chose me for pet privileges," V'drare commented. "In all of this, I'm not sure *I* introduced myself. Wingrider V'drare, Impressed of bronze Deltaith. I have to say, she's fastinating." 

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"Aye, they do," DIagir nodded with a smile. "A well-trained wher will keep you as safe as can be. They will only disobey you if you don't train them well. Your new green here is already very well-trained from me, so she shouldn't give you trouble. I'd say you would have to prove yourself to her, but she did just choose you so I doubt that will be an issue." V'drare's surprise about Vaidrarsk speaking with her mind actually made Diagir laugh. "Yes she is! Whers can speak like dragons but it's more stilted."
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