Re: Can we build it? Yes! We! Can! (ATTN: Any)


Oh! Javensha knew those. Her human had plenty of those things. With an imperious chirp to her faire, she sent the image of what Flare wanted everyone to get from their own humans. Fifteen voices answered in affirmative as the bodies poppedĀ between. They were gone for a few moments before they all came back with furs, clothes, and scrap cloths and chittering happily.
Ren's Riders: Arialae, D'cul (AWLM), F'liau, L'nel, L'nix, L'yall, N'met (DH), Ran'omi, R'vbor, S'dren, Talena (ACM), T'eko, T'mah, Vofali (Searchrider), W'rian, Zyreai (Healer), F'lo (FF Weyrling), V'riu (FF Weyrling), S'lion (MD Weyrling)

Ren's Crafters: Diagir (Whercraft), Reitz (Whercraft), Torinael (Healer)

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