Re: Changing Loyalties (Diagir/Ziya/Vainglory, V'drare)

Jessica Freise

"Not a lot," he admitted. "I've heard they make wonderful guards, however. She's actually *talking*," he added, distractedly. "Just like Deltaith only with more feelings and images to supplement words."

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"Well, this is a world of a way to do a crash course..." Diagir rubbed his face with a sigh. "Whers are different than dragons or firelizards in that they can either Impress or bond. A bond is done after the Impression window shuts when they've had their first meal. In firelizards, that makes them feral. In dragons, well... you know. But whers can still bond successfully with humans after they can no longer Impress. That's what Vain- Vaidrarsk did with me. Ziya kept her from Impressing to me by keeping her away from me while she ate. Now, for whatever reason that I doubt I'll ever know, she's chosen to bond with you. Good news- you don't have to feed her like a hatchling right now and I bathed her this morning. Tell me, what do you know about whers?"
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