Re: Changing Loyalties (Diagir/Ziya/Vainglory, V'drare)

Jessica Freise

"I think I'd better," he murmured, walking towards the pair with the attentive green at his side. His hand kept on her neck, fingers rubbing the rough hide slowly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, but I'm araid I don't understand."

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"What..." Diagir stared at the green who was sitting down staring at V'drare like he was the best thing since rare steak. Turning to Ziya, he received no real help from her other than the fact that the green couldn't hear him. Diagir turned back to the bronzerider in a daze. "Vaidrarsk... Well. Hm, starts with the same leter and has the same number of syllables as her last name. Oh! We haven't even introduced ourselves yet. I am Senior Journeyman Whercrafter Diagir and this is my queen Ziya. Perhaps you'd like to come sit down?"
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