Re: Changing Loyalties (Diagir/Ziya/Vainglory, V'drare)

Jessica Freise

V'drare's chocolate brown gaze widened. He did some quick thinking to his bronze, who seemed unperturbed. Then he looked down into its -- her -- eyes.

"I think we'd better talk," he said faintly. "She- She says- Her name is Vaidrarsk."

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"She's normally very standoffish," Diagir informed the other, still flummoxed. He tried to ask her what was going on but found himself ignored. He turned then to Ziya with even more questions.

{Green like new'un,} Ziya answered, almost worryingly not using Vainglory's name. {Green no hear 'gir none.}

"Wait then.. who?" Diagir asked her with some growing alarm. Ziya was unmoved, though, and just shrugged before laying down. Diagir was thoroughly confused as he looked back to V'drare. "I... wish that I could tell you what she's thinking, but I can't hear my green anymore. Ziya says that she doesn't hear me, either."

Vainglory herself purred and nuzzled up into V'drare's hand. She looked up to see his eyes and hummed lovingly. {This wher 'rare's. This wher Vaidrarsk yes.}

Ziya snorted in amusement, having known this was coming.

Vaidrarsk, based on Serperior from Pokemon

The green that emerges from the Smug Satisfaction egg will herself be the picture of Smug satisfaction. The way Vaidrarsk's mouth is formed has it constantly shaped like a little grin and the way her eyeridges arch up naturally only add to that. Her lines are smooth and even, adding even more grace to her form. It almost sickens Ziya how downright good her daughter looks, especially for a green. Vaidrarsk's hide is the same even green all over as was on her egg, that beautiful spring green that makes one thinks of beautiful warm days. She has a keen nose that, should V'drare put it to use, could easily pick out bad gas in a mine or a general “wrongness” in an area.

Personality: It usually follows that the beautiful are the most arrogant and stuck-up. Vidrarsk is absolutely an example of that. She’s arrogant and haughty and is so sure that she’s the most beautiful wher ever shelled. Those thoughts usually mean she and her dam are butting heads with the gold winning after asserting herself. Away from these contests, though, and distracted from her vanity, she’s sweet. She understands that her nose is a helpful thing and (ignoring her proud look) enjoys helping when she can.

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