Re: Revelations (ATTN: T'rif/Trifali)

Jessica Freise

She listened to his lengthy explanation, eyes wide. A couple times she couldn't resist looking surprised at his expense. Clearing her throat as he finished, she was forced to comment, "I haven't really considered color. The shear fact that I *might* Impress was a bit overwhelming. Satali always said riders were perverts at best, and while I rarely believe the things she said, it was rather understood that women should be on golds and men on the rest. Outmoded thinking, of course, but if her diary is true to form, she took on that mmantel after her rejection as a Candidate."

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T'rif blinked. "Well, that's...not quite what I meant," he said. "I really honestly don't care whether you like men or women beyond the fact that you understand that as part of being a dragonrider you are very likely to end up in flights with both and need to be okay with that. While sexual orientation seems to have some linkage to who you're more likely to Impress, it's not a guarantee. Plenty of women who prefer men end up on blues and there are bronzeriders who like men. One of our Weyrleaders is a brownrider who has a male weyrmate. And the Weyrwoman has previously had a female weyrmate which I mention mostly because the fact that she liked women and then Impressed Foreth caused her to have Impression Anxiety Syndrome."

He smiled at her. "Anyway, it was a bit of a trick question, because we don't encourage out Candidates to hold on tight to the idea of Impressing any one color, which the Weyrwoman's situation just demonstrates. If you Stand you an Impress any color your gender can Impress and you should be open to that."

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