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Already tiring, Seisilth gave a trumpet that squeaked in the end. She'd got what she'd wanted and her mate had proven himself as always. Looking over her shoulder, Seisilth was surprised to not see Sengroth there. Only when he caught her from above did she realize what that clever brown had done.

Down below, Vofali's body was thrumming with her dragon's lust as she twisted on the sheets. She couldn't tell if anyone was with her as she whimpered and whined.


The brown reached out when Seisilth came within reach, drawing her close and let out his own victorious bugle.  The sound faded away leaving just the sound of the air around them, save for maybe a faint purr that he'd likely deny later.

Kl’ryn surged forward from where he’d been standing, quickly reaching Vofali while murmuring.  “I’m...we're here." He murmured leaning in close with his breath being close enough to have been felt against Vofali.


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