[GREENFLIGHT] As I Rise, New Life Emerges (Vofali/Seisilth, Any) #attnany #greenflight


It was a few days after the hatching and Arolos had returned to normal. Or as normal as it could be with a new Weyrling class to train in conjunction with the older one. Altogether the Weyr was quiet.

... Until a green dragon screamed and shattered that silence.

Seisilth had been working very hard lately in her position as a Searchdragon, risking life and limb to rescue Kaylee and K'el at sea, Searching the trader boy, and the others. She and Vofali were still proud of the ocean rescue. But now she had no one to Search and so she demanded some her time.

Vofali, for her part, had seen the signs of an impending rise and prepared. Today, Seisilth was particularly shining so the greenrider kept as close to the flightrooms as she could manage while waiting for that sound. When that scream came, the woman had to smirk. She knew her partner oh so well. Her dragon's lust shot through her gut like a spear, making Vofali moan loudly in the hall as she took the last few steps to the flightroom she'd reserved for herself. The moment she was in, she stripped and sat upon the bed to wait.

Meanwhile, Seisilth shot straight into the sky. She had no eggs to lay, so blooding was nonsense as far as she was concerned. Why waste time with extra energy that she wouldn't need when all that she wanted was the release the male who caught her would bring?

ooc: This is an open flight, she can be caught by anyone. If the winner is male, I'm letting you know now that she will get pregnant off of this flight.

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