Re: Hatching Post 3: Let not the good King roar in vain for there are others to be saved. (ATTN: Kassia/Kashara/Yiyu)

Jessica Freise

It was all Yiyu needed. Half running down the steps, she met her love on the sands, rapping her arms around the green's neck.

On May 8, 2020, at 8:23 AM, sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:

Kassia's face was glowing as the girl Impressed and Kashara was grinning next to her giggling and bouncing up and down until she winced as she jostled her leg. Kassia gestured.

"Go to her," Kassia said. "Forget me. I don't choose in the end. The dragon was. We can resume your punishment later." She winked. "Hurry."

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