Re: Hatching Post 3: Let not the good King roar in vain for there are others to be saved. (ATTN: Kassia/Kashara/Yiyu)

Jessica Freise

Yiyu had been feeling bitter-suite sensations since she had Join Kassia and Kashara in the stands. Each Impression brought a mixtured of feelings which she had to sort through to move on. Not this time. She'd not stood this time, but she would.

She was looking away, speaking to Kashara, when something caressed her mind. The touch was quiet, gentle, secretive.

"Did you hear-"

}} Oh, come to your secretive one, I am very hungry and wish to tell you who I am over some nice meaty scraps. {{

She hesitated, surprised to find herself on her feet, one hand outstretched to the green, torn. "But I'm not supposed to Impress yet," she breathed, searching Kassia's and Kashara's faces for answers, reassurance.

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Clearly alarmed about something, Feegith continued to pull Alberith towards the cluster of eggs. His tail lashed and his eyes whirled and letting go, he tooted at Razelth.

((Grab yer jewels m’Lady! Ye must flee before th’Sassenach arrives! Alberith an’ I will save th’wee bairns an’ git them tae safety!)) Releasing his brother, he began to prowl back and forth in front of the thus far, unmoving egg cluster. He puffed himself up and began to honk and toot. ((I will scare th’monster away! M’Laird Alberith! Fight or git tae safety, tis yer own choice!))

Puffing up, Feegith let loose an impressive, cacophonous wail of noise. Its range was impressive. Painfully high, but impressive nonetheless and quite clearly not the sound of a baby dragon panicking beyond all sense, rather, Feegith seemed to be burning with a righteous, battle-ready fury!

((Oooooooerrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!! A terrrrrribbblleeee beeeeastiiiee comes oooor waaaaaaay. His heid we’ll cut off, th’beast weee’llllll slaaaaaaay!))

The noise coming out of his brother’s mouth made Alberith fling himself to the ground and cover his head with his wings. Totally uncomfortable, but much preferable to the horrendous noise assaulting his ears.

{{Feegith, tone it down a little,}} he implored. {{You may sing, you may, uh, do whatever, but can you do it a little more quietly?}}

He wasn’t sure if Feegith even heard him above the din he was creating. And it didn’t seem like it would ever stop. 

Alberith was a bronze, sure. He was a take-charge type of bronze, totally. But enough was enough. He gathered up all the pretty jewel-like shards that he’d helped Feegith collect and scampered over to the white things where Tanith had found her donkey-headed love. From what he could tell, donkey-headed was very nice looking and he could be jealous, but there was another donkey-head just waiting for him.

{{Kyrel! Please make it stop! I’ve brought you jewels and gifts, but please, I might have something called a headache right now,}} he cried, dropping his treasures in front of his person and buried his head in their robes.

Certainly Razelth wanted her babies to have their adventures, but this seemed to be getting just a little bit out of hand. {{Do not worry, dear one.}} She sent Feegith, alongside a wave of warm affection and soothing calm. {{I will protect you and your siblings. I am big and strong, see.}} She flared her wings in demonstration. {{No monster can hurt you while I keep watch.}}

The warm emotion from his mother lifted his spirits immensely, she could be right, after all she was quite enormous. Maybe she really could look after them all. Maybe she was the one who was going to keep them all safe from the fearsome Sassenach. Although with his short, baby memory he was trying to remember just what a Sassenach was. ((Mebbe ye hae a point… ye aw’fly big. An’ I’m aw’fly wee… Jings, but I wish they’d wake up…))

Right about then, another egg started to rock and jump. The way it moved almost gave the impression of fire actually crackling and when it began to hatch, shards went upwards, spewing fiery looking shards everywhere until finally the top popped off and a very plain green with a dark stripe down the middle of her head peered out, her claws holding onto the edge of the egg.


The Wrought in Iron egg was wobbling and shaking, giving the appearance of metal straining and buckling against itself.  Small cracks appeared first, followed by larger, until with a 'pop' the shell split open and fell away from a dark, dark brown dragon.

((What then is this?)) He asked, peering around at the commotions going on around him.

As the eggs popped and cracked nearby, Feegith let out a squeak of surprise, startled by the sound and scampered behind the cluster of unhatched eggs. ((Crivens!)) He peeped out, watching his siblings shake themselves out of their eggs. He seemed tense, quivering as though ready to spring into action.

The green finished peeling away her egg, pushing free until she stepped out with a final crack and looked around. She gave herself a great shake. ((I think we’d better get out of here before they find me, don’t you think?))

((Oh?  Someone is looking for you?  Whatever for?)) Robelth asked as he slinked forward, crawling across the sand as low as his chunky brown body would allow him.  He stopped in front of the green, giving her a quick sniff.

((But, if hide you must, I may help you, sweet sister.  I know a place!))

((They know who I am!)) She looked around and then darted behind another egg. ((They can’t know who I really am.)) 

((Ah!  A keeper of secrets, are we?  Then follow Robelth, sweet green!  And I shall keep you safe!))

Robelth followed her behind the egg, nudging her in the direction of the stands, where there were plenty of shadows to hide in.  

((Over here!  None will see us here!))

((Wait, wait, you’re going too fast.)) Mertrith stopped at a mound of sand. ((We need to create defenses. She ducked down and stared digging to create a wall. ((Help me create a wall. For just the two of us.))
A wall?  Well, yes, that could work.  A wall would hide as well as the shadows could.  And it would be something he could jump out from to attack anything that came their way.  Yes, Mertrith did have a good idea, there.

((Alright, then.  You start digging, and I will gather some of the shells lying around, to make the wall stronger.))

Robelth went to do just that, before he could be pulled into digging.  Gathering shell pieces was more to his liking.

((Here.  We can stick these in where you pile the sand.  It will make the wall taller. It will be perfect to hide behind.))

Watching his green and brown sister, Feegith resisted the urge to shout out to them. The Sassenach would hear him! The blue hummed and vibrated with nervous tension as he watched them, initially relieved when they too seemed to understand the urgency of the situation and get themselves to safety. ((Ach, no!)) It was a grunt of annoyance when he spotted Robelth squat down and start trying to build onto the wall that Mandath had begun not too long before and Feegith had been half a second away from jumping out at them.

Mertrith paused, distracted by what she thought was something moving near the rear of the cave. Was that a head? A noise? She knew something was after them! The hasty actions of the brown drew her back and she snorted, somewhat derisively at him.

((Who are you, my protector?)) she asked as she kept kicking around dirt, stirring up dust. Some of the nearby Candidates started coughing. 

((Oh?  Do you not want good Robelth’s help?)) The chubby brown asked, stopping in his arranging of shells to look down at the green.  ((Then perhaps I shall leave you to this task of yours and go find some other things to do.))

Drawn by the sound of the coughing candidates, Robelth looked up at the white-colored creatures he had yet to take note of.  Interesting things, they were.  Something among them tugged at him.  A different chance for mischief?

((No, you misunderstand me.)) Her head came up and she scrambled around to come look for him. ((I wanted to know your name. And your special power. So that we can use our powers together to keep back the bad and to find the good. Maybe we should keep looking.))

((Hmm…)) Robelth sat down in front of the white-colored things and considered.  What was his power?  Well, he supposed it could be to lead.  He was good at leading, wasn’t he?  

((I am Robelth.  And I am a leader.  What bad are you keeping back?  If I am to lead, I must know what the bad is, so I can lead against it.))

((These things in white...they’re here to trick me. You need to help lead me to the right one that knows who I really am. Can do you do this?)) She crept up to him, crouching low as she eyed the Candidates suspiciously.

Well, that was definitely a task!  But one that Robelth could handle.  Yes, yes he could!

((Of course!  Leave it to Robelth.  Together we shall find the one you seek.))

Watching his brother and sister move closer towards the group of candidates, it was all Feegith could do not to shout at them to run! To flee! He wasn’t sure why but he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something in the crowd of white shapes that was incredibly safe, that could save them all, including him! Still peering out from behind the eggs, the blue watched them move towards the group, only to sag down in relief.

((Aye, git yer’sel’s over there. Them white big-jobs will dae th’trick!)) He mumbled. They did look safe. And unusual. But safe. Feegith, hidden behind his wall of eggs found himself staring at the group with fascination. Abruptly he shook himself, snorting in impatience. He had a very important job to finish first! Then maybe… he would take a look. After all, hadn’t his other siblings gone that way as well? Maybe there was something over there he needed to take a look at.

Standing taller now, the dark brown moved forward into the lines of candidates, sniffing here and there, occasionally thwapping a candidate on the leg with his tail if they got a little too close.  He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he was determined to find it for his sister.

((What then is your power?  And does this one you seek share it?))

((I can’t tell you my power,)) she said. ((I can’t tell you who I am. I can only tell Mine when I find them. It’s a secret.)) She followed him as they walked, occasionally stopping to sniff, but not stopping long. ((I’m good at hiding though. I can tell you that.))

((Well, that’s not much help.  But we shall manage, regardless.  Perhaps a different approach is needed, then?  First, let us find you a spot in which to hide, and then I shall pull these white things to you one by one, and you can tell me if they are the one you seek.  That will be a better strategy, will it not?))

That made her pause. She scratched her head with a talon. ((This is a good idea. I am a master of disguise. No one will notice me. You bring them I will hide...)) she looked around and spotted a nearby egg and then scampered around to hide behind it. Then she peeked around. ((I’ll be right here.))

((Yes, good!  Good!))

Robelth waited until his green sister was hidden behind the egg, and then returned his attention to the white things in front of him.  Who to choose, who to choose?  How about...this one!  He trundled forward and grabbed the sleeve of a hatching robe and tugged the candidate forward.  

((You!  Come with me, now!))

He pulled the candidate towards the egg hiding the green, and dropped the candidate's arm as soon as they were close enough in Robelth’s opinion.  He didn’t want his sister to feel like her hiding place wasn’t good enough.

((How about this one?))

Mertrith sniffed in that direction at the female Candidate and then growled. ((No. Not that one. Take it away before it blows my cover. Next!))

Snorting, Robelth butted the candidate in the legs to shoo it away.  Well, that was strike one!  Onto the next one.  Maybe that small one standing off to the side?  They seemed like they were also trying to hide.  Robelth stalked towards it, wrapping himself around  to the candidate’s back and pushed them forward.

((This one?))

The boy was quaking as he was pushed forward. Mertrith reared up to sniff at his face, investigating close before dropping back down. ((No, no. This won’t do either. Maybe we’re in the wrong place. Do you think there’s a better spot somewhere?))

((Well, how about over there?)) Robelth pointed to another corner of the sands, where there was another cluster of candidates milling about, but also a dip in the sand where Mertrith could hide if she needed to.  And there was something telling the brown dragonet that *he* should maybe be going in that direction, too.

((I feel like maybe we should be going over there.  No, not maybe.  We *should* be going over there!))  

And not waiting to see if Mertrith was following, Robelth struck off in the direction he had indicated.  He was the Leader, after all.  If Mertrith really wanted his help, she would follow him.

Mertrith slowly followed after, watching around as they went. She crept from between egg to egg as they went, keeping an eye out. ((Are we almost there?))

((Yes, yes,  almost there...Good, here!))

Robelth stopped her in between a pair of eggs that were beginning to wobble a bit.  They made for good cover, didn’t they?

((This will do, for now.  We are hidden, and there are more of those white things there, different ones.  I think the ones we seek are among them.  But how to tell… There should be a way to test them.  To have them prove they are the ones we seek.))

Mertrith stopped. ((I need to stop to l...wait...I think I found stay here.)) She darted past him suddenly into the crowd. Except it wasn’t the Candidates she was looking at. All of the glorious colours of rainbow iridescence had flooded her eyes as she sought for, and found what she was looking for. Someone sitting high above the Sands, above the group of anxiously waiting Candidates. Someone who sat, with everyone else, in the Stands. 

((Yiyu! Oh! My Yiyu! I’m your Mertrith. Let me tell you my secrets! Come to me so that I might tell you who I am!))

Oh, well then.  Mertrith didn’t need his help, now.  But Robelth hadn’t found the one he was looking for, yet.  But now he could go searching among the crowd without having to worry about his secretive sister.

((Where are you, Penryn?!  Won’t you reveal yourself to your Robelth?))

The name that filled his thoughts was glorious and the brown looked all about him, desperately trying to find the one he had caught a glance of and was now desperate to see once more.

As Mertrith and Robelth went and found their new Riders, there was someone else still skulking about on the Sands. Feegith. As his green and brown siblings had had their own adventures, the blue with his unusual spiral markings was still all but overcome with a feeling of nervous dreadful anticipation. He had the overpowering feeling that his voice, his words could be something very powerful indeed. Something to scare the fearful away, to make his foes - all foes, quake in their boots. And he felt very determined that he needed to be there, a voice of courage to frighten them all away and inspire… something. Courage? Yes, that felt like the right word. A big, powerful word that lit hearts, fuelled tired legs and filled aching bellies. And he was so very, terribly hungry. He could bring courage. And later, he could bring stories. Wonderful tales of their intrepid adventures against the fierce and terrible Sassenach.

He just had to do something terribly important first. 

He had to save them all.

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