Re: [Hatching Feast] My Surprise and Joy (Rennitz, Yiyu)

Jessica Freise

Yiyu was in a state of delighted shock. Since the moent the green's mind had impacted hers so indescribably, she'd been in a joyous haze. Now, she sat at a table, musing over everything that had happened and how her life was going to change now.

On May 3, 2020, at 6:13 PM, Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:

Ever since her dearest friend had gone down the stands to accept the Impression of the darling green dragon who had called for her, Rennitz's heart had been in her throat with glee. Javensha too had shared her joy and Rennitz had clearly heard her delighted bugle from her place in the rafters amid the scores of other firelizards. Of course her thoughts lingered on the remaining eggs as she exited the cavern for the feast, but there was nothing that she could do but live on herself. 

Going back to the barracks swiftly, Rennitz changed into her deep green Gather dress that had always looked so ravashing on her. Let green be an unlucky color- it still highlighted her hair and brought out her eyes. She swiftly gave Javensha a good coat of oil while wondering at the gathering of all the other firelizards so close to her.

"Darling... Who are they?" She asked the gold. What she didn't expect to get back was the satisfied reply that they were hers now. "You have your own faire? Do I have to feed them?" One of the blues chirped in a positive way but Javensha gave him a withering look and sent a "no" to Rennitz. "Very well... Come on, then. Let's go congratulate Yiyu!"

More than eagerly, Rennitz scurried out to where the feast was just in time to hear the speech. So, they had two Weyrleaders now... Talk about unprecedented. When it was over, Rennitz oh so eagerly looked about for her dear Yiyu.

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