Re: Gold Distraction: (Attn: Nyzara / C'lynx


It wasn't as strong as full dragon lust such as when Foreth would rise but C'lynx was certainly feeling it. To tell the truth he didnt need the help of the flits to be attracted to the pretty mind healer. It didn't hurt of course he thought with some amusement.

"Mind your step," he said gently, holding her hand and putting a protective arm around her shoulder. "A slight step up here."

He did know all the best places to be alone and had quickly steered them to one. As they moved to somewhere private their flits balked, wanting to stay under open sky to answer natures call.

"Let them go as they will for awhile. I want to stay here and get to know you better."
This was said in a husky whisper as he drew closer, testing het willingness to continue.

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