Re: [Goldflight] Isn't Flight Lust Better Than Wine, Anyway?


Imlearth's powerful wings pushed him ever higher, matching every move of Foreth as he focused on the queens course. Catching her, becoming one for that moment and creating a clutch of magnificent eggs were the only things in his mind at the moment as primal instinct took hold. Inwardly he smiled at her challenge but returned no reply or brag of his own. Only actions would count now, not words. Instead of debating the matter with her or the other chasers he only doubled down on his efforts to catch her instead.

* * * * * * * *

While down below B'ryn had made his way to the flight rooms. This was always the most disorienting part for him but also a welcome one. As Imlearth would chase only golds it was also one he didn't experience as often as other bronze riders might.

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