Re: Mine Now (Javensha/Rennitz, Yiyu)


"A black... Oh." Rennitz's eyes went wide with both humor and horror as her eyes finally found her gold. "Oh, Javensha, sweetheart, noooo give that back!"

The inky firelizard snorted and scolded down at her human, chastising her for daring to want to take her prize. It was hers, she'd taken it fair and square.

"Oh really, dear? That's yours because you took it?" Rennitz had to hide her amusement. "Well by that logic, then the tidbits that make up your nest would be mine if I took them."

That got an objectionable shirek and angry titters from the young gold. Javensha lashed her tail and raised her ink-stained wings in challenge to her human's statement. Her strong objection was clear over their link.

"Mmhm, it is entirely the same line of thinking and just as naughty as yours. Yes, I said it, you're being naughty. And look at you, your beautiful golden skin is all tainted black. You're not shining anymore."

Curious at the truth of that statement, Javensha looked down at herself and shrieked in outrage at her appearance. She hissed at the inkstick and flung it away as though it had sought to do this to her. 

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