Re: The World Has Stopped Shaking (N'met/Ambrelli)


"It might be wiser to compare the two as much as possible, at least right now," N'met agreed. "But definitely not in front of the golds themselves, yes! I'd want to keep an eye on these eggs until the hatching itself but that'd probably be the epitome of presumption. I doubt Abartth would ever let me liveĀ that down."

The man chuckled and sipped at his cooled klah. "Yes, I would very much like to have you on hand on that day. The more the merrier in that situation normally, but especially this one. Every single one needs to be carefully examined as you know, but I want extra attention given to the ones from the eggs hit by rocks. Ideally, I'd like a dragonhealer's dragon bespeak them to see if they're mentally sound. There's no guarantee that they'll speak to us."

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