Re: [Goldflight] Isn't Flight Lust Better Than Wine, Anyway?


It had been a good fall, even with that little bit of confusion as B'ryn got thread on his goggles. The danger had been dealt with and everyone was on their way back for a well deserved rest....that is unless a certain gold had other ideas.

"Really? Now?"

B'ryn's surprise barely registered as Imlearth heard the gold's call and roared in return.  They had done this often enough before that the human of the pair knew what to do by rote. Quickly undoing the straps he let Imlearth fly on ahead to the where Foreth was blooding her kill. Handing the recently vacated straps and harness to a friend B'ryn began to stumble his way towards the flight rooms, Imlearth's lust already beginning to affect him.

The large bronze landed near the pens and watched her intently. He bugled no challenge and didn't roar out his presence, not yet anyway. She knew they were all here and he was confident in his own strength. Though he had only ever won one gold flight Imlearth was always confident he would win each and every one of them!

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