Re: Gold Distraction: (Attn: Nyzara / C'lynx


He gave her hand a gentle squeeze as he was shaking it, ironically enough just as she mentioned Flare was ready to mate. A surge of warmth passed through his mental link with Brahn showing his own willingness. C'lynx's mind couldn't help but be distracted by sudden desire for the pretty new healer.

"A mind healer eh? You might well have your hands full here. We interesting group of people here."

He smiled again at his own joke before continuing.

"Klah would be great," he replied. "Would you like to go to the dining hall? Or we could get something to go and then have it outside. Its a lovely day and I'm not sure we want to take these two indoors for very long."

Of course he had ulterior motives but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

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