Re: Earthquake: Quandry Like a Quarry (Alesyion, rescue needed) #pernquake


As the dust began to clear L'der peeked down into the hole they had created. After a few moments he could make out the young man. He looked a little dusty and banged up but not badly hurt. At least not from what he could see.

"Alright, I can see you now. Do you think you could climb up if I lower a stout vine to you? Or if not can you wrap it around yourself nice and tight? Then we can pull you up out of there?"

((I can dig more.)) Rembouth offer in a helpful tone but the blue rider waved off the offer. He feared that any more digging might make the whole thing collapse on to the poor kid. Then the whole rescue would have been in vain. Better if they could just pull him out through the hole they had already made which was wide enough for Alesyion to fit through if they maneuvered it just right.

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