[[Thread]] Something In The Air: (Attn: T'mas / Swiftwind Blazers)


The thread fall had been going on for awhile now and Hermeeth was starting to struggle a bit. He was not large as brown dragons go but he was nimble and as such was very good at picking up stray bits his larger brothers weren't quick enough to flame. The down side of that was he tired more quickly than other browns and might not always last a full fall if the fighting proved difficult. Today was one such day and it was coming upon time that T'mas would need to make a decision about withdrawing before his dragon became dangerously tired and slow.

((There! We need to get that one. It is mine!))

He was about to countermand his over eager dragon when he saw another pair about to be blindsided by the very strands of thread Hermeeth was so intent on. If they didn't act quickly someone else was likely about to die. With that in mind he made the only decision he could and handed his brown some firestone with which he quickly charred the danger away. Unknown to the both of them though, while they were off balance and focused on the one clump others were approaching from their blind side. Now T'mas and Hermeeth would need much the same sort of rescue they themselves had just performed.

(send in the cavalry!)

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