Re: [[THREAD]] Something in the Air (Attn: All)


Some would say it took a special kind of crazy to look forward to going up in the air with thread raining down. While B'ryn had always been a cautious and competent rider he felt that special kind of excitement that came with flying thread. That combined with Imelearth's unshakeable sense of purpose and it was definitely a feeling of exhilaration and satisfaction to do what they were born to do. Being a part of Skystrikers and protecting the world was what B'ryn was all about.

Flying to meet their ancient enemy the wing deployed and began to flame as they had been trained to do. Imlearth's focus was uncanny and he spied a particularly large clump. Setting his sights upon he beckoned for firestone.

((This one is mine!)) he announced to any dragon nearby as he flamed it to a crisp.

Fall was never easily predictable though and even the best pairs were caught by surprise sometimes. So it happened in this moment as a small slip of thread got caught in the wind and impacted with the rider's goggles. There was a moment of shock and then their years of training and experience kicked in. They shifted between for the short seconds it would take to kill the thread and then back into the fight again. Taking a second to make sure his vision was clear again and there was no more thread around his face the bronze rider went back to feeding his dragon firestone. It was a close call but they had had much, much worse over the turns.

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