Re: Earthquake: Quandry Like a Quarry (Alesyion, rescue needed) #pernquake


They could hear the boy a little better now L'der thought. Should be only a matter of time now. He continued to move some of the smaller debris as Rembouth carefully picked up the larger pieces and cast them aside. As rescues went this one was going remarkably well. There young friend was very lucky that he hadn't been crushed out right. The debris must have fallen in such a way that larger boulders made for a cave of sorts to form around him.

((I can smell him now. We are very close.)) Rembouth announced to them both.

"You should be able to see us once the dust settles a bit. If the hole is large enough we'll try to get you out now. I'm afraid that if we keep digging something might shift and you would be hurt."

He looked about to find a sturdy vine they could use as a makeshift rope.

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