Re: Gold Distraction: (Attn: Nyzara / C'lynx


He smiled at her words while studying her face. It was clear she couldn't see by the look of her eyes. C'lynx felt a moment of sympathy but it was clear that she was able to get along quite well, probably with Flare's help. Obviously she got along quite well judging by the healers knots she wore. Reaching out he gently shook the offered hand.

"A pleasure to meet you," he said in his usual friendly manner. After all, C'lynx had never met a stranger. "I'm C'lynx of bronze Ludeoth....and the little 'gentleman' on your shoulder is Brahn. With Flare around and you giving him free pats he migt be hard to get rid of."

Brahn really was a spoiled little brat sometimes but he still loved the little troublemaker. His odd little ways only made him more lovable.

"Are you new here? I see your a healer but don't recall seeing you before."

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