Re: I Need to Get Away Too (attn: Palysso, Any)


B'ryn had just needed to get out for awhile. He was something of a workaholic and had spent his last few off days studying fall charts, mending leather straps and then studying still more charts. While he was as dutiful as any other bronze rider, and more so than many, even he needed to just take a break sometimes. Walking outside in the weather for awhile had helped but now he was thirsty and, if honest with himself, he just needed to be around other people for a bit. With that in mind he steered himself towards the dining hall.

Once inside he got himself a cup of wine and turned to study the other occupants. One in particular stood out. A young man with in a gray tunic without any knots. He seemed familiar and carried himself with a noble bearing but it was curious that he wore no sign of rank or station. On a whim B'ryn walked towards him.

"Good evening," he said simply in his open, friendly way.  B'ryn still studied the other fellow, trying to remember where he had seen him before. Best to keep his comments very general until he recalled.  "It seems mighty quiet in the hall. A good night to unwind a bit."

It was bugging him that he couldn't place this fellow. B'ryn had the feeling he was someone important but for the life of him couldn't put a name to the face.

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