Gold Distraction: (Attn: Nyzara / C'lynx


Life was good for a flit in Arolos Weyr. At least it was so long as you didn't get on the bad side of your bigger cousins!  Brahn was smart enough not to do that but otherwise he was pretty much fearless. Today he was just lazing in the sun on a large rock near the entrance to the infirmary. There was a nice sunning spot there and sometimes he liked to watch the humans coming and going.

While doing so he was suddenly surprised by a bright patch of gold on the shoulder of one who stepped out into his sight. Who the human was he had no idea, nor any concern really. The patch of gold though, now that was different because he immediately recognized the shine of a queen when he saw one!  Now, being an outgoing and vocal little fellow with an ego to match Brahn took it upon himself to try and draw her attention in his own way.

Flying to a nearby perch he trumpeted loudly, at least loudly for a fire lizard, and began to preen and strut a bit for the lovely gold. All the while he tried to 'talk' like his own pet did with him and began what seemed to be a long, rambling story if his audience was willing to pay even the slightest attention. All the while he was sending out a summons for his own pet in his excitement, urging C'lynx to come see what he had found.

(Ooc:  Yes, Brahn is as much of a ham as his human is and is trying to woo the little gold flit....though it could just look like he is having an odd sort of fit if you prefer.  :)   )

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