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She got a snort of amusement in return as Ourneth stretched pleasurably on his hot stones. The sun really was quite marvellous. How hadn't he known about this sunny place before now? He would have convinced his Rider to come here turns ago.

((Ah. A snob. How terribly boring that must be for you. Knowing that things are only done to appease your role.)) The bronze was feeling a little mischievous now, left to his own devices. ((Shame you're not more like Razelth. Or that other lovely new Queen that just arrived. I mean, it's all well and good having things because you're *Senior* but you know.. they're young, engaging, charming. Well, I suppose all that age must be catching up on you. Do your aching limbs make you so grumpy?))

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Foreth snorted and then coughed again until the fish came most of the way back up. She pawed unsuccessfully at her nostrils.

((Nope,)) she replied simply. ((A lot of them want to make me happy just because of who I am. The rest can do it because of who I am. I'm the Senior Queen.)) And that was that.

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