Re: A Moment Between Friends (ATTN: Yiyu/Rennitz)


"Well that's not unusual. Everyone who has any intention to Stand has that ordered to them." Rennitz accompanied the phrase with a smile. "They check to make sure everyone has and, if they haven't, they're not allowed to Stand. It's because there's so much nasty happenings down here, that they want to make sure we're all okay. Hm let's see, there's been explosions, riots, sabotage, murder, attacks from another Weyr of all things that ended up in smashed eggs and a stolen gold egg, poisonings, the Thread tornado... You see where I'm going, this place can be very messy. So the staff all decided that we needed to be seen by Mindhealers to make sure that we're okay. With you being new here, they really need to make sure you're okay. I promise it's likely not a direct sting against you."

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