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It was interesting to hear him speak. Whilst she was sure that there were likely some who felt the same, she had never heard it voiced aloud with so much vehemence behind it. Just what was the extent of the relationship? Or rather, what had it been? She had been briefed of course and even knew of the Goldrider. It was well known that the young woman had not been one of those promiscuous types taking any and all to her furs. She had been discreet, selective and there was of course, talk of a select few favourites. Had he been one of them?

The account he gave was passionate, she would give him that. But it was largely misinformed - or rather, was the voice of someone who hadn't known just what had happened behind those closed doors. "Okay, so what I'm going to tell you stays in this room. And I'm only telling you this because it has become apparent that your interest isn't based entirely on your own. And I am going to warn you now, what I say is not pleasant, nor is it easy to hear."

Idri paused, giving herself a moment too.

"You're right, she tried. In the flightroom there was a belt dagger and she used it. But not effectively. You've seen the gloves she wear, no doubt. That is why. She was fellised at the Healer Hall and brought back to High Reaches where she spent the first few days in a fellis induced sleep. When she was brought out she was practically catatonic. Alive but unresponsive. With the exception of violent outbursts where she would slam her arms into walls, bed posts, you name it in an attempt to reopen her wounds. As a result, she had to be restrained." Idri's voice was softer now, but matter of fact and precise. Like she was carefully reading from the medical file that she had all but committed to memory. "If you were to ask her - and I am strongly recommending that you do not - she will not be able to tell you much about the first few days. Or even the first few weeks. Once she was conscious, she would not speak, she would not eat. We had to use a nasal feeding tube in order to keep her from starving..."

Idri paused, giving some of this time to sink in. "Before I continue, you need to understand that we were expressly ordered to keep her contained due to not knowing why the other gold was there. There were concerns that this was a deliberate act of sabotage and as a result, in the immediate aftermath there were some concerns that there might be... an attempt, or attempts... to finish what was started. This is why no one but the Weyrleaders and the Healers were allowed anywhere near her. We did not know who could be trusted." Another pause. "How much of this do you want to know?"

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S'ryll's voice turned a little hard, though it was obviously not directed at her.  "Everyone else is wrong.  She made the ultimate sacrifice for Pern, no matter the circumstances."

He didn't offer her any details of their relationship, but he also noted that the tension and some of the guardeness about her seemed to be melted away slightly.  He listened to her, ignoring her scrutiny of him or the fact that Tyne hadn't mentioned him.  He would have been surprised if she had; he could only imagine how painful that part of her life had been in the beginning, and by the time it wasn't, well, they'd lost touch and he probably wasn't worth mentioning at that point.  

"I know she was devastated, as any of us would be, in the immediate aftermath.  She was sequestered away, and none of us could see her, those of us who cared about her.  I tried to see her, just after, and they wouldn't let me. So there were only the rumors, that she'd tried to kill herself, that she was overcome with the grief."  He shrugged.  "They kept her so far away from where we could see her or sort out the truth.  I know she told me the other day that she had broken -- her words -- and had to put herself back together.  But the details..." he trailed off.  

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