Re: So why exactly DO you want to know? (Idri/S'ryll)


As tempting as it was to dive into an outright interrogation, Idri had the manners and common sense to realise that she needed to give a bit of context here. She waited patiently as the Bronzerider made himself comfortable and waited several seconds more before she opened her mouth to speak.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I did." She began, speaking carefully. "I have been supporting Tyne for several turns - since she lost her gold - and up until very recently I was her live in minder." Idri paused, giving S'ryll a moment to absorb that. "Whilst she is no longer requiring full time, one on one care, I am still her primary Healer. I have a vested interest in her progress and anything that could risk unsettling the turns of progress that have been made." Idri inspected the man carefully, looking to see how he might respond. "Tyne made me aware that someone she had known previously at High Reaches had come to Arolos. It was clear that this revelation caused her some degree of conflict. I therefore would like to know what your interest in Tyne is and what your intentions are."

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S'ryll gave her a genuine smile at the compliment, for he heard the tone of appreciation in her voice.  "I like feeling like I'm coming 'home' at the end of the day and to feel calm and relaxed."  It was his sanctuary, but it, like him, was not so pristine as to make it appear cold or un-lived in.  He grabbed a chair, pulling it over towards the couch, sitting on it backwards so his arms where clasped in front of him and resting on the back.  

{{Why am I here?}}

((Because I want you to listen.))

{{I could have done that from where I was!}} came the snorted reply.

((Yes, but I wanted you to focus.))

"Now," he said, his voice and demeanor calm now as he'd prepared himself, "you wanted to discuss weyrwoman Tyne."  He said it as a statement again, but it was her opening.  

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