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It was a single syllable loaded with poignant meaning. Of course, a lot of this abrasive stance was something of a front. A bolster, if you will. Idri was all too aware that if something was serious, you needed to start on a certain foot. And then you could soften up as it was deemed necessary. She bobbed another curtsey of polite acquiescence. "If you'd be so kind to lead the way."  

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Her insistent tone instantly irritated him.  This JM was certainly taking liberties with her address of him and demanding his time.  This was definitely going to be that kind of a morning.  But he'd learned a few things well before he'd come to even be a Candidate: 1. Don't piss off the cook; and 2. Don't piss off a Healer.  Bad things happened if you broke those two sacred rules, never good things.

So it was with a resigned edge to his voice, that he responded.  "And to what do I owe the pleasure of your searching, JM Healer Idri?"  Then to clarify, "No offense taken.  Yours is only vaguely familiar to me in passing.  And yes, my weyr is around the corner if that will suit you.  I'm afraid here I do not have an office, so it is the best I can offer you."  

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