Re: So why exactly DO you want to know? (Idri/S'ryll)


Maybe, just maybe, she would have given some professional interest in the scarring, recognising immediately that it was a threadscore burn. But then he gave his name and Idri was already distracted again. "S'ryll, you say? You're just the man I was looking for. I've been meaning to come and find you and have a chat." There was enough of a clip to her voice to suggest that "no, thank you" wasn't going to be an acceptable response.

She did take the extended hand though, shaking it in firm greeting. She had a Healer's hands that were strong and it would have been reflected in her greeting. "I'm Healer Idri. I'm afraid I don't recognise you - it's nothing personal. Lots of faces coming through and all that."

It was polite after all, to at least acknowledge the greeting. Even if she hadn't decided whether she was going to like the man or not. "Now, where could we go to talk?"

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"I'd say you were right.  You look familiar too, but then as a Healer, I'm sure I saw you in the Infirmary.  I was treated there a time or two."  He rubbed his shoulder, moving his tunic to the side at his collarbone to show some of the scoring scar.  He let the tunic fall back into place before running his hands through his dark hair, a habit of his, before sticking the other one out to her in greeting.

"I'm Bronzerider S'ryll.  Just transferred here from there not a sevenday ago.  It's good to hear the accent..."

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