Re: So why exactly DO you want to know? (Idri/S'ryll)


Staggering back a couple of steps, Idri took a moment to compose herself. She was feeling just prickly enough that she almost wanted to snap at the Bronzerider before remembering she had also been rushing along without paying attention either. Taking a second to smooth herself over and bring her temper in check, Idri looked up at the man.

"Flaming flits and shards," she grumbled before her manners came back. "Are you all right too sir? I didn't mean to jostle you. I wasn't thinking about what I was doing." She bobbed a polite curtsey out of habit. S'ryll would recognise the Northern twang in her voice, even if she didn't recognise him. Or know he was in the fact the person she was looking for in the first place.

"It serves me right for thinking about what I need to do instead of what I'm doing. I have't muddied you have I? These tunnels can get so dusty."

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Vastolth had buggered off to sun himself and was adamantly refusing to come pick S'ryll up off his weyrledge unless it was an emergency.  This was not the first time this had happened, and S'ryll was beginning to think it was going to be a problem.  Vastolth had muttered something about 'legs' before simply projecting sunny contentment like it was a wall.  

S'ryll was thus forced to use the tunnels leading out of his weyr.  It's not as if it was a total pain, but he didn't like being told to do so by his dragon.  He was still muttering about this to himself when a woman came around a corner and ran straight into him.  As they stumbled, he reached out to catch and steady her.

"Whoa! You alright?" he asked as they both got their feet back under them.  

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