So why exactly DO you want to know? (Idri/S'ryll)


Oh she had heard all about the Bronzerider from High Reaches that had come to Arolos of late. And a few whispers suggested that he had upset the wrong person and been kicked out on his ear. And she had heard it directly from the runner's mouth... a.k.a Tyne... that there was history with this particular man. A lot of it.

She hadn't told Tyne that she intended to locate this individual, sit him down and find out exactly what his intentions were towards her former charge. She might not be Tyne's minder anymore, but Idri was still fiercely protective of her and still considering to be the responsible point of contact. For now at least. It hadn't been hard to find out where this "Bronzerider S'ryll" had his weyr and so that was exactly where she was headed. The woman was striding purposefully through the tunnels, picking her way through the familiar routes.

So lost was she, in the thoughts of what exactly she was going to say to the man, that she didn't notice the shape of someone stepping out from around a corner and went straight into the side of them.


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