Re: They said I could stay! (Tyne/Cremsden)

Laura Walker

It was a good hour before the door opened and Cremsden slipped inside. The aroma of strong klah filled the office as he set it on the desk, apparently not even noticing his visitor in the corner. For a moment the office was quiet as he leaned his head against his hands, and then came the sounds of him rummaging through his desk. Had to find something to do or he'd be asleep before the end of the shift.


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She was tired. Bone achingly tired. But it was a good tired. The tired of a productive day and it felt... beyond amazing. She had spent the day shadowing a Healer in the Infirmary - nothing difficult, nothing stressful - just being shown the ropes. Where to find things, how to book patients in, how to record it. Simple things. And the day had flown by in a blur. A good sort of blur.

Wandering down the tunnels to the Journeyman offices, before she went home, she wanted to stop and say thank you to Cremsden. It had been his help after all. Rubbing her eyes sleepily she felt the familiar thrum even before she got to his door. Quickly, only for a second, so it wouldn't make her head hurt, she borrowed the eyes of a particular dozy brown to see if the man was inside. No, no one was. Wanting to sit down and rest her pleasantly aching legs, Tyne crept inside the office, picking her way carefully over the bodies, Tyne settled herself on the floor in the corner where immediately, several of the firelizards had crawled onto her in a warm puddle of hide. 

So sleepy. Yawning widely, she leaned her head against the wall, letting her eyes drift closed...

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