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He watched her thoughts play out across her face, her eyes opening wide as his words affected her.  He hadn't known how they would have affected her, but he'd meant them.  He wondered briefly at the reasons WW Wygelle had sent her here.  No doubt a change of scenery was good for her in the direct aftermath, but these Arolosians had never known her as a Queen.  They couldn't respect her as such having not known her as one.  He knew the superstitions around dragons and dragonlore, but he'd never been much for that.  He'd grown up in a Hold where sensible notions and practical considerations had more weight.  Besides, this was Tyne.  

As she settled against him, he said simply, "of course," wrapping one arm lightly across her shoulders casually.  And as she reached out to touch Vastolth, finally coming into contact with the bronze and the giant eyelid coming up in sun-drenched contentment, S'ryll let out breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.  He realized he'd worried that if she couldn't handle being near Vastolth, that she wouldn't be able to be near him, and he'd lose her all over again.  That they were all three here, touching, meant his world would be alright, and the rest they could figure out as they went.  He didn't know what he was feeling towards her, and wasn't exactly in a rush to figure it out, but the one emotion that wouldn't go away was how happy he was that she was back in his life.  

They'd pass the rest of the afternoon like that, talking about light-hearted matters, nibbling at the picnic Tyne had brought with her.  The three of them -- plus a faire of firelizards -- taking comfort in old friends rediscovered....

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