Re: Familiar faces in strange new places. (Tyne/S'ryll)


The genuineness of his words struck her. And she hadn't realised just how much she had needed to hear it. Not to suspect it or to hope it, but to actually hear it. Surprise filled her features, opening her incredibly dark eyes wide. In her most private, hopeful moments she wanted to know that people remembered her for who she had been - but had remembered it well, not as an analogy of grief. That she could still command such abject loyalty had deeply unsettled her, this much was true but at the same time... it had been a twang of something akin to hope. But it was deeply tempered with the worrying fear that she would let them down all over again. "Thank you..." 

It had been about all she could say but her soft voice was brimming with emotion as if she wasn't quite sure which way it wanted to take shape. Instead she had settled against him comfortably, feeling a little more of that familiar comfort again. It was a significant gesture, even if S'ryll may not have yet been able to identify it for what it was - the beginning of re-establishing trust. As Vastolth settled as well, Tyne gazed into that blue, whirling eye and had wanted to become lost. She could never forget how easy it had been to fall into a dragon's gaze and so many Riders, with the exception of R'zzon, had felt uneasy to be in her vicinity - like they didn't even want her to so much as breathe on their dragons. Hesitantly, pulling her hand back more than once, she gently laid her hand on the bronze's face, shuddering with a deep intake of breath at the feeling of warm hide under her hand, feeling the massive presence of strength. Not the same. Never the same. But if perhaps the dragons could forgive her... maybe the Riders could too.

The time would be pleasant. Innocent. And slowly the boundaries of safety might begin to draw drawn lightly in the sand. S'ryll would need to learn that Tyne's values of ambition had been replaced by deeply needed values of safety and trust. And in time, something of that ilk might have the opportunity to take place. But there would be no expectation of, well, anything. In many ways, the reappearance of the Bronzerider had caused a seismic shift in Tyne's rebuilding world, shaking at the already tentative foundations that were beginning to take new shape. Perhaps they needed a little testing as to just how well they could stand.

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He didn't try to get her to stay in his embrace, and pulled back slightly to give her space.  And already he wanted her back in his arms.  If she'd been anyone else, he'd have pulled her back in, but she had been a goldrider, and S'ryll's respect for that position meant that he wouldn't have been so bold unless she'd already more acquiescing to him.  That she no longer rode gold didn't' change that in his mind.  She would always hold that respect, even if she no longer held the rank.  He watched her closely, seeing these flickers across her face that he couldn't read anymore, but let him know that there were things (because that's what emotions are) going on behind her public facade.  

"Tyne, you commanded Vastolth earlier.  He told me as much.  Not a queen dragon, but you.  You will always have that power over him, over us.  That much hasn't changed," he said softly.  He wished things had turned out different, but if wishes were horses, the beggars would ride.  He saw her glance at the space where her dragon should have been, and mentally nudged Vastolth.

The bronze shifted, moving his head so that it came to rest beside Tyne, one whirling eye blue in contentment.  He gave a little whuff, as if he didn't already have their attention.  S'ryll smiled at her as she teased him.  "M'lady, Vastolth and I would be honored if you would accompany us in a few days hence to the water!" he said it with his most gallant voice, intimidating a pompous Lord Holder he'd once heard at a Gather.  

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