Re: Whercraft Field Trip...What Could Possibly Go Wrong? atten: Any whercrafter/Tamalak/Kalain/Insera


Kashara spun in a circle, her glow raised. ((I don't know. I see rock. What am I supposed to see? We were chasing the kitten when we came in.)) With her inability to give a good answer her panic increased.

Meanwhile Foreth was relaying to Kassia.

Brogan had joined them on the ledge. "Tell Sorrel that we need a real search and rescue mission."

Brogan immediately started talking with Sorrel. It took a minute but enough of the conversation went through that Insera stopped her team. Immediately she started giving orders to the different teams.

"That's my sister!" Kalain said. He looked at Tam. "We have to save her."

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