Re: Reserving Her Opinionatten: Kassia/S'yrell


He held his hand out to her, and when she sniffed it, began running his hand down along her neck, talking to her slowly and softly in a calming voice.  He slowly moved down her neck, both hands on her now, down her chest and along her back.  He talked to her the whole time, soft and melodic.  He came back up her side and then down her front legs, feeling them, and asking her to pick up her hooves for inspection.  Her legs were finely made, delicate, yet the frog still soft and spongy like it should be and wasn't malformed as could happen when they were so delicate boned.

"She's a gorgeous animal.  How long have you had her?" he asked, his eyes never leaving the mare, still whispering to her and touching her.  

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