Re: The Art of Dragonhealing (Ambrelli/Yiyu)


"Good!  I'm glad to hear it.  Some days will be nothing but mindless work, no matter what the schedule goals are, so bare that in mind.  Now we share a lot of facilities with the Healers, so make sure to mind you watch out for them as well.  You may spend some time over there assisting if they need it or making salves that we both use.  It's a good idea to ask someone over there for a tour one of these days.  And don't tell them I promised you a bit of fun on that rare occasion...some of them are definitely the all work and no play varieties.  I've heard rumors about a particularly stern one..." she said with a rise of her brow like she was sharing a secret.

She looked at her own task list.  "I need to prepare a few things.  There's some more advanced anatomy in the first section of that book.  I'll give you some time to go over it, and then I'll quiz you on it.  You seem like a fast learner, so I bet you'll get a lot of it right.  And use Merck, just bribe him with a treat.  There's scrap hides and pencils over in that drawer if you need to take notes."

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