Re: Following the Leader (ATTN: Yiyu/Kashara/RHYTH)

Kevin M

Nothing really helpful came through..  ((Hold on, little one, I will tell mine.  Mine?  Your hatchling is lost.  And stuck.))  The blue sent an image of Kashara rather than using her name, causing Sh'ain to sit bolt upright.

((What?  Where?))

((If she knew that she wouldn't be lost)) the blue pointed out, ignoring the fact that he'd just asked that himself.  ((She says she started at the side of the Weyr

((Right, of course, yeah.  Um.  Tell Foreth and ask her to pass it on to hers?  And tell Kashara we're on our way and to stay where she is)) he asked as he stood up and started out.

The blue contacted the large gold without any of his usual pleasantries or complimentary names.  ((Foreth?  Yours and mine's hatchling is stuck and lost.))

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