Angry Smile (L'yall SA)


OOC: Fuzzied back to shortly after he'd arrived at Arolos and bought his wher egg from K'gra

Released from the infirmary with instructions to take it easy until his wounds were fully healed, L'yall sat in the shade of the evening tropical sun with the brand new bronze wher pup he'd acquired. He was fascinated by the dark little thing and devoted a grand amount of time into learning the creature's personality. He reminded L'yall of when Solazath was a hatchling but with a more dominant personality somehow. While Solazath acted more like a blue than a brown, this creature was entirely a bronze and knew it. Even as a pup. L'yall had to admit that he was fascinated. 

He'd got the thing shortly after arriving and noticing the absolutely insane amount of the creatures around. Interrogation revealed that most of the whers were owned by riders for protection. Considering why he'd been sent South, that had struck a particular chord with the brownrider and he'd immediately started looking for someone selling them. When he'd found the posting from K'gra announcing a clutch from his gold wher, L'yall had snapped up the chance and had settled on a beautiful blue egg. The fact that the bronze had come out of it instead of the brown he'd expected or maybe a blue had made L'yall stunned yet oddly pleased. The Weyrwoman had a bronze, after all, so this creature would surely be a safe bet. He'd had the most odd feeling that the bronze's name was Lyask, so it had stuck.

How the feck to train the thing, though? He'd done well enough with his own training ideas combined with his dragon and it had seemed to work well enough. Word had crossed L'yall's radar a few times about some Whercraft, but he felt that something with a name like that had to be just outright ridiculous. He could train the beastie just perfectly well on his own, thank you. L'yall grinned down at the pup who was playing with a leaf at his feet, growling at it while shredding it plenty before finally eating the scraps.

"Aye, yer gonna be just fine, laddie," L'yall praised him through the gauze holding his jaw together. 

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