Re: Can You Tell Me What You Did Wrong? Attn Kyrel, Aruthiel


Kyrel glanced up from the herbs Aruithil had been teaching him, giving the firelizard on Cremsden's shoulder a wary look before addressing the journeyman himself. 

"Oh, uhm..." the boy stalled hesitantly, brows rising on his forehead to see the healer intended to record their answers. "Alright."

He passed a worried expression side-long to Aru before moving to take a seat as ordered. "Are we in trouble?" He fixed Cremsden with the same concerned gaze.

On Tue, Apr 7, 2020, 1:15 PM Laura Walker <shewhoguards@...> wrote:
Cremsden waited until Z'go had left and then quietly ensured he was noted as unavailable for patients for the next half-hour or so. It took a few moments to help himself to klah from the pot, and the mug meant that his hands had something to occupy them when he went to find his apprentices, Bitey riding on his shoulder because sometimes humans just need minding.

"Right," he said, thankful that they were at least where he had sent them. "Sit down, you two.I need you to run me through what just happened."

And oh -- apparently it must be important because he was getting out paper and pen to record it before he sat.


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