Re: Old Enough to Know Better ((Attn: S'ryll / Kyrel))


Kyrel felt like he was about to be left out for Thread, waiting to hear the no-doubt awful chore he would have in store. That internal cringing manifested on his face despite a desire to impress the bronzerider, lips thinning to a flat line and brows knit. He'd been told this expression made him seem angry or intimidating, but he couldn't help the way emotions played out on his blocky face. 

"Look, whatever it is," he sighed, resigned, as the rider drew out the reveal. "I'll do it." He was a man of his word, shard it!

And then the rider grinned. Kyrel stared at him as he spoke, even going so far as to frown when the proverbial feline was let out of the bag. "...wait, really?" His mouth fell open, suspicion melting from his face at long last. "You want me to-- that's all?! Yes! Of course!" 

Excitement started to radiate from him, a complete about-face from seconds before. The smile that split his face stretched nearly from ear to ear. "I-I would be honored!" That this was a favor to the rider had been completely forgotten in the wake of his offer. Stuffing both the book and knots into one hand, he extended the other for a deal-sealing shake. "What should I call you? Other than bronzerider."

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S'ryll nodded at the boy's logic.  "Exactly, and with time, just as easy.  Of course, I grew up in a landlocked hold, so we didn't do much fishing.  Runners though require a different kind of knots and leatherwork, so the principles were the same.  Or you ever see those old grannies, the really old ones that no one knows who they belong to any more and they've gone blind?  But they can still do needlework?  Same idea..."  He remembered one from his childhood.  Every kid called her 'granny' because somehow, every one of them was probably related to her.  It would be even more that way at a small hold.  

S'ryll mentally smiled at the kid's shifting.  He was expecting something terrible or tasking.  He was loving this.  The kid would end up happy to help bathe a bronze dragon, he would be the kid's hero for not turning him in and for letting him help, and he truly would teach the kid some things, knots included, that would help him in Candidacy, so it was a win-win.  And here he'd thought he'd have to bathe the hulking brute all by himself.  Today was turning out quite nicely if he did say so!

"Well, it's nothing too much.  It'll probably take awhile.  I don't want you to feel obligated or anything..." he drew it out, knowing it was only going to bring the kid in more.  Until finally, with a grin he couldn't help... 

"It's just, I need help bathing my bronze dragon..."

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