Re: Fruit Destruction at it's Messiest (attn: Ysolde, Qioyon)

Mya L. R.

On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 2:01 PM Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:
Well, that was one way of looking at it, she supposed. She waved off his confusion with a light giggle and a wave of her hand. "Ignore me, I was pretending to be one of those uppity art people who try to say that a canvas painted white has deep and profound meaning." Ysolde took a small step back, inspecting the boy. He really was plastered. "You're going to need to bathe you know, else you'll attract the trundlebugs. They love fruit juice. Why were you making dragons out of fruit anyhow?"

His nose wrinkled, pausing like that, lost in thought for a moment as he considered how to explain himself.  "Uhuhhh.  Well..."  Qioyon scuffed his foot against the ground sheepishly.  "I kinda ruined my projects and studywork at the lake yesterday.  The dragons are an 'I'm sorry' for ruining it."  Once he'd admitted that he lowered his gaze onto the foot he was still scuffing against the ground restlessly.  "Hopefully it is a good apology."

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