Re: Whercraft Field Trip...What Could Possibly Go Wrong? atten: Any whercrafter/Tamalak/Kalain/Insera


"Me, too, this will be cool." He turned a big, confident grin on his friend meant to reassure the other boy. No, young man.Three turns had been good to Kalain. He was bigger and stronger even if he was still in that awkward phase where his body hadn't quite lost its teenage lankiness and clumsiness. Personality wise he was more confident and while he'd never do anything wild like his sisters, he liked excitement. And this was excitement.

Up ahead Insera stopped and the group stopped. They were in a large cave with multiple different ways to go. She started assigning different groups. Kalain and Tam were directed to go with their assigned handler to go to the cave off to the left.

"Here we go." Kalain was practically bouncing with excitement.

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