Re: Whercraft Field Trip...What Could Possibly Go Wrong? atten: Any whercrafter/Tamalak/Kalain/Insera


Tamalak walked next to Kalain and their assigned handler towards the rear of the group. Neither of them had Impressed or bonded with their own whers yet, but  after three Turns one would think they'd be allowed to, but circumstances just seemed to keep coming up. 

Arolos just seemed to be accident prone. Some day, something good would happen to them.  He hoped.

They entered the tunnels and Tamalak had a momentary panic attack, but quashed it. Just because he was caught in one tunnel cave-in didn't mean he'd be caught in any others. If Karla had been here, she would have been leading the way. His sister was nothing if not fearless.

"I like the idea that we're going into a relatively unexplored cave," he said to Kalain.

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Diagir had joined Insera to provide support in both craft seniority for the apprentices as well as bringing his gold and experienced brown for wher control and back-up strength respectively. Granted they would never have let unruly and misbehaving whers along on this trip, but refusing to admit that whers can and will get rambunctious when grouped together. Aggressive, maybe, but more excited than anything. So Diagirsk and Ziya walked along the Senior Journeyman with one eye on the path and the other on the less-experienced others.

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